Swap-Bot Mail Art 2020

Swap-Bot Mail Art 2020

With Mail Art, I can create any type of Happy Mail, from File Folders, decorated envelops, using Napkins, sticker sheets etc

I think the sticker sheets was a favorite in 2020, where I scraped acrylic paint for the background and then markings and foam stamping all over it.  The stickers were label stickers, so you can peel off a sticker, and collage with it.  I tended to tear the sticker and then stick to my art piece.


Swap-Bot Postcards 2020

Swap-Bot postcards 2020

I thoroughly enjoyed creating handmade Postcards in 2020, using cutouts from Magazines or drawing on them for swaps in Swap-Bot.

In 2020, I joined in monthly the Facetime series and it was a joy to create so many different faces.  See my post Facetime Postcards 2020.

Joining www.swap-bot.com is free and there are many swap groups to choose from!

Hope to see you there!


Swap-Bot ATC 2020

Swap-Bot ATC 2020

I do love receiving and making ATCs on Swap-Bot.  It’s great creating little pieces of art and very challenging.  ATCs can also be used in Pocket Letters on https://pocketletters.ning.com/

When I create an ATC, most times I create a small folder to put it in and decorate it.  I also put it in a plastic sleeve to protect it as well.

In 2021, I will certainly create more ATCs and Pocket Letters!

Swap-Bot Facetime Postcards 2020

Swap-Bot facetime postcards 2020

Through out 2020 during COVID, it was a pleasure creating the Facetime Postcards for Swap-Bot partners.

The postcard size is ideal to create the faces.  Using a stamp with the face helped me as I am not good in freehand drawing of faces.  Cutting out faces from magazines is another favorite method for creating the postcards and then adding more to it.  I love having some texture to the picture.

With 2021, I will be joining the Facetime ATC swap monthly, and looking forward to creating smaller pieces of art with the help of a face stencil and magazines!

Joining www.swap-bot.com is free and there are many swap groups to choose from!

Hope to see you there!

Project Craft Challenges during COVID period


To keep busy during COVID lockdown, I participated in our local craft group’s challenges via Facebook, posting our creations online. Normally we would get together to create cards or paper crafts.

We had a theme each week, wonderfully organised by our team leader!

This worked wonderfully through out most of this year with this pandemic which limited us in meeting each other physically, but we kept in touch electronically.

Here are some of the projects that I loved making in our little group.

I will add more photos as we complete the weekly challenges.

Swap-Bot Decorated Envelops and Bookmarks in General

Swap-Bot Decorated Envelops and Bookmarks in General

I did enjoy decorating envelops in the early swapping days, and since then I have been decorating envelops when posting out.

Its always lovely to receive snail mail with an envelop that is other than just having your address on it.

A decorated envelop always brings a smile to my face!

Decorated Envelops



Swap-Bot Alphabet ATCs

Swap-Bot Alphabet ATCs

This was probably my entry into the world of ATCs.

A great way to learn about ATCs by going the the alphabet and making a theme based on the letter.

Loved making these.

I should get back into creating ATCs with stamping and colouring with inks and paints.