Super Power CJS2020: Day 27


Autour de Mwa’s super power is layering.

Autour uses stencilling, distress inks, acrylic paints, stitching and stamping to create his mini book.

I love creating the background with stencils and then stamping each page.  The stitches add to the texture which I love.  I added washi tape to bind the book together.

Thank you Autour for a beautiful mini book.  Love your tutorial.

















Super Power CJS2020: Day 22


Kae Pea’s artistic super power is wielding a stamp.

Kae uses watercolour and stamping together and I love how it turned out.

CJS20 Jan 22 Kae Pea_Moment

As I am relatively new to watercolouring, I was still experimenting.  I stamp heaps in my craftroom, making cards, ATCs, postcards etc, so its in my comfort zone.  Combining it with watercolouring was getting out of my comfort zone.  Once I got into it, I just loved the process!

Thank you Kae for getting me to explore more!





















Super Power CJS2020: Day 19


Marsha Valk’s artistic super power is Synthesis.

Marsha used what she had in her studio and with some paint, marking, collaging, lots of white pen writing and doodling, she created a wonderful way of showing your artwork.


I love this lesson with windows to frame your art.  It’s like a little house with windows that you open up to peek inside!  It took me a while to figure out what to put inside each window.  Then I thought of showing off what Victoria, Australia had to offer.  Of course there are lots on offer here in this wonderful state where I live and grown up in.  During our summer, especially the first 3 months of the year, there is plenty of things to do and see in Melbourne and around Victoria.  We go into Melbourne quite often to see events like Australia Day festivities, Chinese New Year festivities, Sustainability events, movies, exhibitions at the NGV (National Gallery of Victoria), Fed Square, Museums, etc. Watch the Australian Open Tennis, Grand Prix, etc on tv.

So here is my take on this lesson.  It features some fabulous graffiti art work around Melbourne CBD and suburbs, landmarks, seaside, and Australian music legends!  All these pictures I had cut out of magazines. I loved making the backgrounds with stencilling and bits of paint and marking that I learnt throughout CJS20 month.


Thank you Marsha for this brilliant tutorial!




















Super Power CJS2020: Day 21


Andrea  Chebeleu’s artistic super power is “no excuses

What a great idea to decorate a pouch to hold your artistic supplies in.  Andrea created a beautiful pouch made with lots of great techniques.

Andrea Chebeleu

I currently have heaps of material which I am using to create shopping bags as part of our local Boomerang Bags sewing group and my neighbour donated a bag of zips to our group.  So I grabbed a bright colourful zip, an old bed sheet and decorated it to make my pouch!  My inspiration for the pictures on the pouch came from my potted succulents that my girlfriend gave me for Christmas.  I found a couple of lovely ceramic pots and repotted the succulents in them yesterday.  The succulents on the pouch was from paper napkins that I happen to have in my craft room.  What a coincidence!  My chosen word is Focus, which is my word for the year.  I am to focus more on my projects or what I am doing this year.  I found the word in Pinterest.  The pouch is big enough to hold a good size notebook and my craft supplies!

Thank you Andrea for this artistic idea!




















Super Power CJS2020: Day 18


Gwen Lafleur’s artistic super power is to understand products and how to use them.

I absolutely loved this lesson on creating a Paper Doll making it look ancient.  I learnt a lot from these techniques with what I had at home. I love how Gwen made her doll part of her journal.


My background for the dress was a Gelli Print, then added stencilling and some Distress Inks and Crayons.  The dolls, I worked with my Derwent pencils and I aged her with a bit of Matt Medium, touch of gold paint and other colours that I threw in!  I had so much fun with this lesson.

Thank you Gwen, I just adore your Paper Doll and making them.

Paper Dolls 2 - Copy

Paper Dolls 2Blue Doll 1Blue Doll 2Green Doll 2Green Doll 1

















Super Power CJS2020: Day 17


Tania Ahmed’s artistic super power is pattern making.

Tania shows us how to make your own gorgeous pattern paper with Gelli Print and turn it into a small journal.

Tania Ahmed

Instead of Gelli Print plates which I dont have small ones, I used some of the Foam Stamps in my collection and made some small journal notebooks.  I love this idea and will use patterning more often!

Thank you Tania for showing us how gorgeous pattern making is.

















Super Power CJS2020: Day 16


Rae Missigman’s artistic super power is to work small and in limited time.

I love her little books that you can create and take with you anywhere!  Seems super easy!  And they are beautiful, absolutely!  I’m thinking they are great as presents!  I love her little colour palette (plastic card) in the video!

Rae Missigman

After watching the video, I am thinking I don’t have the materials to work on, but as I look down to the floor, I see my brown paper bag full of dry used baby wipes that was from wiping paint, ink, watercolour etc from my workspace.  Great alternative!  They already have some colour on them.  I cut them into my little book size, added colour and a bit of stamping, handstitching and there you go … a wonderful little book!  I found a teeny, weeny peg to hold my pages open.  I am sure it came from one of my snail mail friends from Pocket Letters Pals.

Thank you Rae for the little, gorgeous books.















Super Power CJS2020: Day 13


Mystele Kirkeeng‘s artistic super power is being herself.

Her backgrounds start off with paper pieces, marks and paints.  Then she draws on top of it and creates her super pieces.  Her pictures just come alive!  I love how she explains her steps and why she does those steps.


I was a bit nervous to free draw a face and body as I am normally not good at it and have to use a stencil.  However I surprised myself!

My background had a bit of texture in it from the tissue paper I had lying around.  I played around with some paper pieces, paints, distress crayons, pastels, markers, stamping.   The girl was copied from my favourite magazine, Daphnes Diary.  I had fun playing with this.

Thanks Mystele for giving me the opportunity to create this, which is out of my comfort zone!














Super Power CJS2020: Day 11


Marlene Meijer-van Nierkerk’s artistic super power is to keep things simple.

A fabulous tutorial showing how to use acrylic and watercolour paints together.  Lots of stencilling and drawing marks.  Love her colours.


I am loving the use of acrylic paints and watercolour paints since starting the CJS2020 journey.    I would love to expand my stencil sets, buy more white pens and watercolour paints.  There are so many bright colours out there!

Thank you Marlene for showing us how amazing these combinations have turned out.

Of course I added my bling of gold acrylic and medium gel to highlight areas.

Stencils 120200119_16551320200119_16550320200119_16534220200119_16541520200119_16535320200119_165436